Real-Time Ship Simulation Center

The Siport21’s Simulation Center consists of three Real-Time Simulators (Mermaid 500) with the capacity to work individually or simultaneously. This scheme also permits the interaction of the ships or ships assisted by tugs,operated by tugmasters.

Siport21 Real-Time Ship Manoeuvring Simulators involve numerous engineering advances, high technology, and real instrumentation in order for the Captain or Pilot to steer the ship such as in a real bridge.

This Center offers Training Programs for Captains, terminal optimization studies (new vessels, new terminals, modification of navigation areas, towing requirements, emergencies, …) and port design.

Siport21 Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Center is approved by DNV as a Maritime Training Provider in accordance with DNV ST-0029. It is therefore the only Spanish training organisation certified with this international quality mark.

The Real-Time Ship Manoeuvring Simulator is as well certified by DNV, under the standard ST-0033 (former DNV GL Sea Skill™ STANDARD FOR CERTIFICATION No. 2.14), for the execution of port design studies (port approach of vessels manoeuvring under different physical and environmental conditions for the adequate layout design of the port, the approach channel and the manoeuvring zones). The certificate is also valid for Pilots, Captains and Officers education and training, either in a basic level or for specialized, advanced or retraining courses.

Remote Simulations

Siport21 has set up the possibility to join real-time manoeuvring simulation sessions, using a live video Streaming system.

The streaming real-time sessions are carried out using 4 visual channels: main bridge activity, plan view, 3D perspective and essential instrumentation with simultaneous connection with the attendees via videoconference.

  • Shipma

The mathematical model simulates the manoeuvring behaviour of a ship during approach and departure manoeuvres, under the influence of wind, swell and currents and assisted by tugs.

Developed by: Delft Hydraulics & MARIN (The Netherlands)

  • Siflow21

SiFlow21 is an in-house tool to complete Maritime and River Traffic Flow simulation studies.

The model is used to analyse the capacity of a wet infrastructure as function of port, traffic and met-ocean conditions.

The impact on the maritime traffic of proposed modifications in the port design (or vice versa) can be assessed.

Developed by: Siport21 (Spain)

  • Sonda21

This software analyses in detail the vertical sizing of navigation channels using advanced probabilistic methods.

In-house designed tool, versatile, allowing to be applied to a wide scope of case studies. The software calculates the probability of touching the bottom for each water level analysed related to each climate condition, access draft and depth.

Developed by: Siport21 (España)