Siport21 has extensive experience in the dynamic study of moored vessels, from preliminary analysis to detailed studies under meteorological and maritime conditions that are typical of the area. It has also used its know-how in the field of offshore wind farms and other floating structures.

The study of the phenomenon of passing-ships has experienced a huge boom in the past few years, due to the increase in traffic in navigable areas, both in vessel numbers and in their sizes. Siport21 has taken part in developing tools with the aim of analysing the variables governing this phenomenon in depth.

Moored Ship Behaviour Studies


  • Assessment of the motion amplitudes of the ship and the loads transmitted to the fenders and the mooring lines as a function of the weather conditions
  • Analysis of downtime and availability windows
  • Operability studies: optimization of loading/unloading processes
  • Recommendations on mooring layout
  • Passing-ships analysis

Marine Energy – Offshore Wind Farms


  • Maritime traffic interference
  • Risk assessment of ship collision
  • Recommendations for navigation aids and traffic management
  • Definition and analysis of the anchoring system of floating structures
  • Monitoring of anchorage operations (GPS System)
  • Analysis of the Dynamic behaviour of the structure
  • Technical advice for physical model test
  • Regulations of Classification Societies

Floating structures


  • Stability analysis of floating caissons
  • Analysis of towing conditions
  • Dynamic analysis of sinking operations
  • Optimization of sinking operations
  • Design of mooring layout
  • Dynamic analysis of sinking operations
  • Real-Time control of sinking operations
  • Pontoon and floating cranes
Sonia Heras

Director of Mooring and Offshore Studies Area

Civil Engineer
Master’s degree in Port and Coastal Engineering
19 years experience. Specialization in Transports: Port Operation, Maritime Transport and Port Engineering

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