• Ship-Moorings

The aim of this model is the analysis of mooring conditions of a ship either in operation conditions (loading/unloading) or survival conditions (limits for stay at berth). The results of the model permit the evaluation of ship motions and forces on mooring lines and fenders under specific weather and sea conditions.

Developed by: Alkyon-Arcadis, Hydraulic Consultancy & Research (The Netherlands)

  • Optimoor

OPTIMOOR is proven as an essential tool for vessel and port operations personnel, especially when they have to undertake assessments to meet the requirements of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and satisfy OPA-90 legislation.

Developed by: TTI (United Kingdom)

  • Aqwa

The aim of this software is the analysis of mooring conditions of a ship or any floating structure, either in operating or berthing conditions.

The results obtained by the software allows to gauge the movements and forces of the ship, mooring lines and fenders under a meteorological set. The main application is the design and optimization of the mooring system.

Developed by: ANSYS (EEUU)

  • Ropes

Siport21 is the only participant company in the international Joint Industry Project that has developed this program. The purpose of the model is to deeply analyse the variables that leads the “Passing Ship” phenomena.

Developed by: PMH BV (Pinkster Marine Hydrodynamics BV, The Netherlands)