Innovation is the cornerstone supporting Siport21’s activity, investing human and financial resources into advancing towards a 4.0 industry that is digitised, connected and accessible.

Developments like Kwaport, a System for Assessment and Control of Safety in Maritime Access and Operation in Port Berths, aimed at improving decision making in the approach and/or stay of a vessel in port, drive Smart Ports, or ports of the future.


which is aimed at Port Authorities, Maritime Authorities, Berth Operators, Pilot Corporations, and Shipping Companies, amongst others — is a fundamental tool for optimising vessel operations, the limit conditions for approach, and the increase in the port’s capacity by establishing the needs of tugs and other aids to navigation and optimising the development of new infrastructures.

This system is based on a methodology of safety assessment and control, both for maritime approach to a berth and the stay and operation of the vessels on the quays. Furthermore, it provides for the definition of strategies and means of response in emergency situations related to the operation of the vessels, including tug assistance or a response to spills.

In this way the number of accidents, and their seriousness, can be reduced, above all when dealing with vessels with products that may damage the environment. On the other hand, fuel consumption and emissions (CO2, NOx, SOx) can be reduced as maritime operations are optimised.