Consortium: Siport21, la Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya  – BarcelonaTech (UPC)

  • Start date: january 2024
  • End date: july 2026
  • Budget:  1.055.175 €
  • Siport21 budget: 377.110 €
  • Financed by: Ports 4.0 – Puertos del Estado (España)

The objective is to reduce the damage on moored vessels in the port under the passing-ships effect (mooring forces, excessive movements, etc.). This phenomenon has experienced a boom due to the increase both in traffic in navigable areas and vessel sizes. Due to their rigidity, port infrastructures cannot be adaptable to new scenarios thus, it is necessary to create real-time decision-making systems to improve their efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.

Using low-cost IoT monitorization systems, Compass+ will predict the movements of the ships in different scenarios, considering the climate conditions to determine the access and exit port recommendations. It will prevent damage during load and unload operations, improving the safety and operability of the terminals. This predictive tool can help in the decision-making of both load and unload operations and traffic management. Compass+ will combine several technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and monitoring.

The project will conclude with a pilot implementation in the 34B dock of the Port of Barcelona, acting in facilitator role, next to the port access to verify and adjust the prediction tool.