Siport21 is a licensed training centre for the Maritime Resources Management Course developed by The Swedish Club Academy (MRM-ES-02-A).

The course meets the requirements laid down in the IMO International Convention on STCW, 1978, by the Manila Amendments, in the following areas: Table A-II/1 – Bridge resource management and application of leadership and team working skills. Table A-II/2 – Use of leadership and managerial skills. Table A-III/1 – Engine-room resource management and application of leadership and teamworking skills. Table A-III/2 – Use of leadership and managerial skills


The MRM Course is designed to minimize the risk of incidents by encouraging safe and responsible behaviour. It aims to foster positive attitudes favouring good personal communication, excellence in leadership skills and compliance with operating procedures.

Course content

The learning process in the MRM Course takes place in workshops, conducted by a workshop leader, where the trainees work together in groups. Case studies and situation analysis are performed, during which confrontation with others’ and own attitudes and opinions take place. In preparation for each workshop, the trainee must learn some basic facts about human behaviour and interaction. This is done by means of Computer Based Training (CBT). One of the most important parts of the course are case studies of real accidents and incidents with analysis in what we call “MRM terminology”

Target group:
Captains, deck and engineer officers, pilots and personnel working to maritime world

2 days (1 on-line session)
Number of students:
up to 6 participants

  • Situation Awareness
  • Attitudes and Management Skills
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Communication and Briefings
  • Challenge and Response
  • Short Term Strategy
  • Authority and Assertiveness
  • Management Styles
  • Workload
  • State of the Ship
  • Human Involvement in Error
  • Judgemet and Decision Making
  • Leadership in Emergencies
  • Crisis and Crowd Management
  • Automation Awareness
  • Master/Pilots Relationship
Carlos B. Cal

Nautical Advisory and Training Programmes Director

Merchant Marine Captain. Master’s Degree in Bussiness Management and Human Resources
37 years experience
Maritime Resources Management Instructor
More than 10 000 hours simulator use

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