that complies with the standards DNV-ST-0008 – Learning Programmes and DNV-ST-0015 Competence related to berthing and unberthing of large vessels


The objective of this course is to provide Pilots, Captains and Deck Officers with knowledge, skills and understanding on berthing and unberthing large vessels with exceptional manoeuvring characteristics to mantain the control of the ship at the operational level.

Course content

The SHIP HANDLING OF LARGE VESSELS USING REAL-TIME SIMULATOR COURSE includes theory and practice, consisting of a series of lectures required to provide the necessary background and knowledge with practical exercises performed on a Real Time Ship Handling Simulator. Particular items dealt with in these lectures are illustrated either by including them as part of an exercise or by a separate simulator demonstration. This course is certified by DNV as Learning Programme (Certificate no.: n1961840-tox) in compliance with DNV-ST-0008 and DNV-ST-0015.

Schedule: on request

Target group:
Pilots, Captains and Deck Officers

30 hours: 20 hours in simulator and 10 hours of theorical clases

Number of students :
máximo 6 personas

Approved by DNV

Carlos B. Cal

Nautical Advisory and Training Programmes Director

Merchant Marine Captain. Master’s Degree in Bussiness Management and Human Resources
37 years experience
Maritime Resources Management Instructor
More than 10 000 hours simulator use

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