Siport21 key goal is to ensure the highest possible rigour in the delivery of its projects and technical studies related to ship manoeuvring in port areas, mooring analysis and special projects, as well as training programmes for Captains/Officers and Pilots

Siport21 customers need total reliability of the projects, reports and training services to guarantee the quality and professionalism of the studies and courses provided.

Rigour, reliability, scope and flexibility, as well as accuracy and precision in the delivery of designs for fairways and manoeuvring areas, mooring systems and training courses, and in all of their aspects, guarantee a competitive position in the market and customer loyalty.

Management is responsible for establishing the principles, setting and reviewing the Quality goals and ensuring the necessary resources to achieve them, as well as the commitment to comply with the requirements and to improve the efficiency of the Quality Management System. Siport21 management is committed to ensuring good professional practice and the quality of the technical studies and training courses it provides, as well as compliance with current regulations and customer requirements.

These general goals are pursued through optimisation of resources, technical competence, staff motivation and training, good internal management, teamwork, compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements set by management.

Management reviews and approves the company’s risk assessment, which analyses the possible risks in all processes, thus preventing and avoiding deviations and making decisions to minimise possible non-conformities.

Siport21 Quality Management System has adopted the concept of ongoing improvement, optimising requirements, demands, resources, flexibility of services and good customer service. It firmly believes that these are key factors in demonstrating sound business management and thus ensuring the continuity of its business in the future.

The description of the whole system and its components, such as, but not limited to, policy and processes, procedures and instructions and documented information described in this document in a simple and dynamic way, complying with all requirements specified in UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015. The Quality Management System described in this document has been developed by Siport21 and has the approval and ongoing monitoring of the Top Management of the company, acquiring the commitment to comply with legislative, regulatory and other requirements, establishing and reviewing the quality objectives and goals. Top management monitors that the integrity of the system is maintained when changes are planned and implemented.

Management monitors, confirms and notifies all documentation and requires all staff to commit to the Quality aspects of the system and to implement them on an ongoing basis, so that their influence and example will benefit the whole group and our customers. In this way, management promotes ongoing improvement of the system.

The policy is reviewed periodically to ensure its ongoing appropriateness in relation to changing circumstances. It is communicated to all staff members of the organisation and is publicly available. It is regularly provided to all interested parties.