Jose R. Iribarren

Co-founder & CEO

Naval Architect
35 years experience on ship behaviour
Modesto Vigueras and Gustave Willems Prize

Aitor Acha

Commercial and Business Development Director

Civil Engineer
26 years experience on port engineering and management

Raúl Atienza

Technical, Innovation and Quality Management Director

Naval Architect
23 years experience on ship manoeuvrability
Miembro ATPYC. PIANC member and company representant in different working groups: “Interaction between Offshore Wind Farms and Maritime Navigation”

Raúl Redondo

Director of Manoeuvring and Nautical Studies Area

Naval Architect
10 years experience on ship behaviour
Miembro ATPYC. PIANC 186 Mooring of Large Ships at Quay Walls and PIANC 215 Accidental Impacts from Ships on Fixed Structures.

Carlos B. Cal

Nautical Advisory and Training Programmes Director

Merchant Marine Captain. Master’s Degree in Bussiness Management and Human Resources
37 years experience
Maritime Resources Management Instructor
More than 10 000 hours simulator use

Sonia Heras

Director of Mooring and Offshore Studies Area

Civil Engineer
Master’s degree in Port and Coastal Engineering
19 years experience. Specialization in Transports: Port Operation, Maritime Transport and Port Engineering

Cristina Jerez

Finance and Organization Director

Degree in Economics and Business Administration
36 years experience

Raquel Ibares

Marketing, Communication and Human Capital Director

Degree in Publicity and Public Relations
Corporate Social Responsibility Expert
Master in International Trade
20 years experience